Last updated: September 23, 2021

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Taraxa project! This article lays out some basic and most often-asked questions about our tokens.

Overall Distribution

As of this writing, the current maximum supply is 10 billion TARA tokens. When Staking is rolled out, there will be inflationary block rewards as outlined in the whitepaper’s .

TARA token distribution
  • Seed and Private rounds took place in 2018.
  • Public Sale took place in March of 2021, the proceeds of which will go to fund the ongoing technology development, business development, as well as token listing in the short-term.

We’d like to thank all the investors and the Taraxa community for making TARA public sale a huge success!

The investor demand we saw was vastly underestimated, with the total allocation sold out in only 34 minutes! Here are some more stats:

  • More than 16k registered users.
  • More than 10k passed KYC.
  • $150mn of investment interest according to the KYC survey.

Addressing our Community’s concerns.

We’d like to address head-on our community’s concerns about not being able to participate in the sale. Indeed, due to the overwhelming number of participants, there were unexpected issues with Tokensoft’s system handling all the requests on-time. That’s why together with our technical partner, we’ll be conducting a security and compliance audit of all participants who have made…

Taraxa Foundation

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